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from MANGO families


A long time client

" Amelia has changed all of our lives for the better. She is a light that shines so bright and we’re grateful to have encountered her. Our son is very sensitive and non-neurotypical, he has challenges with impulse control, and typically won't accept care from anyone but immediate family. Amelia has turned out to be a wonderful exception to this precedent - not only does he trust her to spend time with him, he also looks forward to and really enjoys their time together.


Amelia's holistic approach to working with our son has helped us and him - it has allowed all of us to experience healing and learn how to regulate ourselves as well as our child. It is a true gift for us to know that when we are experiencing inter-family hardship or one of us isn’t available, our child can depend on Amelia to offer additional support. She is always regulated, has given our son words for his feelings, and tools to express his big emotions. She supports and honors his vitality, and can listen in a way that myself or my partner are sometimes unable to. It is not hyperbole to describe her as a miracle worker or a angel -  she is! Most importantly she is always present and focused on the goal of families working with and loving each other to the fullest extent possible.  


We love you Amelia! "

The Mom of a 6 year old

" Just a note to let you know our progress and an aha moment-

...I have been giving my partner tips on filling/refilling up our daughter's emotional cup and letting her go again. If we are calm, it helps her calm. etc. 

He was so excited to tell me how it worked for him while he was cooking dinner for us. He could not believe how "easy" it was. Key being we were all calm and relaxed. We just need to see it, to believe it. 


Thank you again for all the support. "

The Mom

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